5 Reasons Why Your Dog Peeing on Your Bed is Bad For Your Health

Some people may find it funny when their dog pees on their bed. They really don’t think too much about the consequences of their actions. However, if you’re one of the unlucky ones who has been bitten by a dog that pees on your bed then you know that this is not a laughing matter.

There are certain types of dog pee that can cause health problems for humans. If your dog pees on your bed, it could be because he wants to mark his territory or he is just being a little clumsy.

Peeing on your bed can cause all sorts of health problems and is also quite unsanitary.

Here are five reasons why peeing on your bed is bad for your health:

#1: Peeing on the bed can cause an allergic reaction

#2: Peeing in the bed can contribute to bacterial growth and increase the risk of infection

#3: Urine has a lot of ammonia, which causes odors and stains in carpets and furniture

#4: Some dogs pee in the bed when they are nervous or shy

#5: Some dogs pee in the bed when they feel insecure or threatened

What is the Cause of Dog Pee on Bed?

The most common reason for a dog to pee on your bed is because it feels threatened by anything unfamiliar in its territory. Another cause is when the dog is bored and has no other option to relieve itself.

Some other reasons for a dog to pee on your bed could be that it wants your attention, is trying to mark its territory, or is just curious about the smell of the bed.

If you have a new puppy or you have been away from home for a while, this will happen more often until the pup has finally learnt that the bed belongs to them and not you. Some dogs might even be digging their way out so they can escape from their kennel.

4 Ways You’re Making Things Worse for Yourself with Dog Pee in Your Bed

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We all know that your dog loves to dig, chew, and pee in your bed. Here are four reasons why you should stop letting him use your bed as his toilet.

1) Your pup is more likely to get the flu if he sleeps in your bed.

2) If your dog sleeps in your bed, you’ll be forced to clean it more often than you would otherwise – which hurts the environment and can be expensive.

3) You’re not sleeping on a flat surface – which can lead to backaches.

4) You’re ultimately just training your dog to be bad at using his outdoor area for excrement – which will only make him want to go back into the living room or bedroom more often.

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